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European Elections 2019: 23-26 May

In the Netherlands, the voting day is today 23/05.

EUnited: Our vote, Our future is an independent European Election Campaign to raise the youth vote (18-30).

4 European photographers created projects surrounding the idea of Europe.

Their goal was to create contemporary political imagery that resonates more with youth than the usual campaign imagery for political parties.

Their campaign aims to raise the voter turnout without taking political sides. The importance is to vote.  With their photography, they create posters which are available for download, print and hang up.

Their project is open source, therefore every platform, brand, and magazine can use their images and projects free of charge and inform people about the European Elections in a contemporary way.


Wendy Huynh

French photographer, 26 years old with Vietnamese roots based in London. www.wendyhuynh.com www.instagram.com/wendyhuynh

"My series of portraits showcases French youth in and around Paris, where I grew up. The pictures portray these kids in a comfortable environment – the sports clubs and community groups where they have learned to live and work alongside one another. My contribution to this project is about them. The younger generations need to work together for the future of our continent."

Clara Nebeling

Photographer, 25 years old living in London. Originally from Germany, with a Portuguese background. www.claranebeling.com www.instagram.com/claranebeling

"As a child of mixed European heritage (German/Portuguese), I set out to portray the world of inter-European relationships that are a major part of life in the EU. Such relationships have been increasing since programs like Erasmus have helped more and more young people move freely across the continent, and this is my way of showing the growing sense of pan-European identity that looks beyond borders but still maintains national identity.”

David Uzochukwu

Austrian/Nigerian photographer, 20 years old living in Berlin. https://www.daviduzochukwu.com/ www.instagram.com/daviduzochukwu

"In Ancient Greek mythology, there is a tale in which Zeus takes the form of a bull and carries the young Phoenician princess Europa across the sea to the shores of Crete, where she becomes the first queen of the island and the namesake of Europe. With this photo, I wanted to put the modern European youth in that position of power and possibility. Young adults in particular often find their place in society is questioned, but this is their future."

Maria Sturm

In collaboration with Anna Tiessen and Katinka Schuett. Sturm is a Romanian born artist is based in Berlin.

www.mariasturm.com www.instagram.com/maria.sturm

"Inspired by the Dutch still-life paintings of the 17th Century, we decided to adapt the idea and create a modern interpretation of this concept in which foods from all 28 member states are placed alongside each other in one picture. Europe's open borders and free trade mean we have easy access to items from across the continent, and that is something that people weren't lucky enough to enjoy hundreds of years ago."

EUNITED CONCEPT: Clara Nebeling PHOTOGRAPHERS: Clara Nebeling, David Uzochukwu, Wendy Huynh, Maria Sturm with Katinka Schütt and Anna Tiessen CREATIVE DIRECTION: Kemmler Kemmler ART DIRECTION POSTERS: Eloise Harris, Daniel Fürst ART DIRECTION WEBSITE: Eloise Harris, Artur Turkuli TYPEFACE: Dinamo CODE: Artur Turkuli COPY: Alexander Gwilliam

As they say: The last turnout was ONLY 28%. Let’s change that. It is afterall, Our Vote, Our Future.

If you want to make your own poster, go to https://eunited.co/

Follow them on Instagram at www.instagram.com/eunited.co/

Article by Rita Bolieiro.

Taken from https://eunited.co/

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